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New band line-up and new album on the way!

23 Apr. 2023

New guitarist and drummer and new album!

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We made a film!

18 May. 2022

Three years of intense work has come to and end and will forge a path for future projects.

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How a renaissance came to be

22 May. 2021

How and why we chose to turn the band into a kind of 'multi-medium creative group'.

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A year in the life

14 May. 2021

A journey through pain and creativity. The last year of creating the Renaissance Series.

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We Did it!

08 Feb. 2020

We released the first part of The Renaissance Series, and it was a success

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The Renaissance Series

28 Dec. 2019

A look into the new project consisting of five separate parts

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Baptiste Watiez

01 Dec. 2019

New bass player joins Substereo

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So what REALLY happened to Substereo?!

17 Feb. 2019

Sometimes a struggle makes you stronger!

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New city, new gang!

11 Dec. 2018

Moving to Berlin and new memebers

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Get ready for the Album release!

05 Sep. 2016

IT'S TIME! Album Release 13th of September

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Visiting Tech Open Air - Berlin

28 Jul. 2016

Substereo attends a three day technology conference in Berlin, and explores new and exciting ways to be creative

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10 Jul. 2016

So what’s all this talk about Berlin? Well, we are extremely happy to announce that we will be moving to Berlin to follow our dreams!! …well half of us anyway!

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Nowhereland - A tale by SUBSTEREO

01 Jul. 2016

How the album concept came to be. It all started with a band meeting and jokes about actual pirates.

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