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So what REALLY happened to Substereo?!

17 Feb. 2019

Many people have asked why Substereo seem to have played less concerts in the past years . Well here is the naked truth behind the silence!

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New city, new gang!

11 Dec. 2018

After a while of having two Substereos (Copenhagen + Belin), the band establishes itself with one permanent line-up

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The latest news from Substereo

02 Nov. 2017

A little bit about what has been brewing with Substereo the last few months!

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Get ready for the Album release!

05 Sep. 2016

IT'S TIME! Album Release 13th of September

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Visiting Tech Open Air - Berlin

28 Jul. 2016

Substereo attends a three day technology conference in Berlin, and explores new and exciting ways to be creative

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10 Jul. 2016

So what’s all this talk about Berlin? Well, we are extremely happy to announce that we will be moving to Berlin to follow our dreams!! …well half of us anyway!

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Nowhereland - A tale by SUBSTEREO

01 Jul. 2016

How the album concept came to be. It all started with a band meeting and jokes about actual pirates.

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