Through film, art, storybooks and music, Berlin/Copenhagen based Substereo is a multimedia art-rock project. An immersive journey that combines different artistic elements in order to tell a complete story. Be it in a world of pirates in search of a mysterious treasure, or in the company of a lonely little robot trying to save his dying world, the group blurs the line between reality and fiction.

Originally from Copenhagen, the art collective made its debut as an art-rock band with the album Fuel for the Revolution (2013), produced by multi-platinum award winning producer Dito Godwin. After their first release, they began to morph into more than just a band. They began to turn into what they now refer to as a ‘multimedia art project’.

This began with their second album release Nowhereland, a concept-album which was accompanied by a hand-illustrated storybook. This is when the band put together their defining 'storybook-concerts', where each abridged chapter would be read aloud while displaying the hand-drawn illustrations at performances, and while using visual cues like smoke, light and sound. After each chapter the corresponding song from the album would be played live.

In 2018, with a renewed line-up in Berlin, the project got ready for the next chapter of its story. With musical influences such as Pink Floyd, The Foo Fighters and John Mayer, the band pulled together their strengths and created yet another venture.

The third project called Renaissance, took it one step further by creating a story that could be told through the same mediums as before, yet would this time include a stop-motion/animation musical short-film, with hand-built puppets and thousands of watercolor paintings. While the music was released in 2019, each song was consequently released though the span of two years with a corresponding video counterpart.

In 2022, after 30 months of work (4000 work-hours), the project was finally completed. A 26 minute music short film that tells the story of Ben The Robot on an adventure of a lifetime. A story that is also accompanied by a book release in the form of Ben's own diary. As a new addition to the storybook approach, this release has encompassed the use of NFTs in the cryptocurrency world in order to spread the reach of the project, and to explore yet a new medium of art.
So strap yourself in and keep your seat in the upright position... You are about to go on an adventure!

CURRENT RELEASE   Press release

RENAISSANCE  Release Date: 01.MAR.2022

SYNOPSIS: Renaissance is an animated music short film and album by Substereo about the last diary entries of Ben. A little robot with a human heart that escapes a dying Earth after a mystery cloud engulfs the planet and all living things. A story that takes us from his last moments on Earth and centuries into the past when he was still human.

Ben was created by the ancients to bring mankind back to the light. Back to the old ways, but was consumed by human greed and violence, and was only barely saved by a mechanical body. A second chance. A chance to discover hope and love.

One day Ben has a dream of the ancients, gathered around on an island in a cave. He sees them create a cloud to absorb all life. Ben knows the island from his previous life and therefore embarks on a mission to find the cave and to find answers. A way to save his loved ones. Little does he know that the fate of humanity has already been written. After the cloud manifests in reality, he sees little choice but to take his ship on to a distant asteroid and hold on to the love in his heart.

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The award winning Renaissance Series is a stop-motion and animation project which is directed, filmed, and edited by frontman Chris Angel Walker together with the members of Substereo. The story is the narrative continuation of the previous project 'Nowhereland'.
The Renaissance Series has won five awards since 2019, has made semi finalist and been selected for numerous fesitvals

Single Title: Renaissance
Catalogue nr.: SUB2019 04-05
ISRC nr.: DKYG4191 04-05





Film festival award winner
Award certificates

Nr. 11 on iTunes
iTunes rock chart for Denmark (link)

Debut album release
Produced by Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Kiss, Mötley Crüe)
‘Fuel For The Revolution’ (link)

Most streamed on Danish Radio’s Karrierekanonen (two weeks)
Danish Radio’s unsigned band competition (link)

TV2 Øst
Interview with Danish television


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  • 01.
    Part 1 - Over & Over
  • 02.
    The Island
  • 03.
    Echoes of Silver & Gold
  • 04.
    Cry Freedom
  • 05.
    Breathe you

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TV2 Øst
Interview with Danish television

“Legendary American producer records with Copenhagen band”
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