Through film, art, storybooks and music the Berlin-based rock band Substereo immerse you in their journey. Be it in a world of pirates in search of a mysterious treasure, or in the company of a lonely little robot trying to save its dying world, the four-piece band blurs the line between reality and fiction.

Originally from Copenhagen, the band made its debut with the album Fuel for the Revolution (2013), produced by multi-platinum award winning producer Dito Godwin.
After numerous concerts and performances in Scandinavia and Europe, the band followed the success of the first album by releasing the self-produced concept album Nowhereland in 2016, which was based on and accompanied by a novelette written and illustrated by frontman Chris Angel Walker.

The band experienced a kind of re-birth in 2018 with a renewed lineup in Berlin, and got ready for the next chapter of its story. With influences such as Pink Floyd, The Foo Fighters and John Mayer, the band pulled together their strengths and created yet another project, which doesn’t simply focus on the individual songs, but incorporates a holistic approach with art, story-telling, and a five-part stop-motion short film, which will transport you to another world!

In 2020, after countless hours of hard work, they will unveil the Renaissance Series, a project into which they have poured their hearts and souls. So strap yourself in and keep your seat in the upright position... You are about to go on an adventure!

CURRENT RELEASE   Press release

PART 4 - REMEMBER  Release Date: 04.JUN.2021

Remember is the fourth part of five episodes from The Renaissance Series. This episode takes place many years before the events of the previous episodes.
Ben is still of flesh and blood at this time, and is destined to change the world for the better. To bring light to a world of darkness.

As years turned to decades and then to centuries, he is unable to shed his weapon, and is thrust into conflict after conflict. Greed, War, and Violence were too strong a foe to defeat. And so he gives in, allowing for a new destiny to take hold of his life.

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The award winning Renaissance Series is a stop-motion and animation project which is directed, filmed, and edited by frontman Chris Angel Walker together with the members of Substereo. The story is a the narrative continuation of the previous album 'Nowhereland'.
The Renaissance Series has won three awards since 2019, has been selected for 14 fesitvals, and has made semi finalist twice.

Single Title: Part 4 - Remember
Catalogue nr.: SUB201904
ISRC nr.: DKYG419104


TV2 Øst
Interview with Danish television

Nr. 11 on iTunes
iTunes rock chart for Denmark (link)

Debut album release
Produced by Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Kiss, Mötley Crüe)
‘Fuel For The Revolution’ (link)

Most streamed on Danish Radio’s Karrierekanonen (two weeks)
Danish Radio’s unsigned band competition (link)


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  • 01.
    Part 1 - Over & Over
  • 02.
    The Island
  • 03.
    Echoes of Silver & Gold
  • 04.
    Cry Freedom
  • 05.
    Breathe you

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TV2 Øst
Interview with Danish television

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