Berlin/Copenhagen-based Substereo is a multimedia art-rock project that weaves immersive journeys through film, art, storybooks, and music. Blurring the line between reality and fiction, they craft complete stories, whether it's pirates seeking a mysterious treasure or a lonely robot saving its dying world.

Originally a Copenhagen-based art-rock band, Substereo's debut album, "Fuel for the Revolution" (2013), produced by Dito Godwin, marked their transition into a multimedia art project. The evolution continued with "Nowhereland," a concept album accompanied by a hand-illustrated storybook. They introduced 'storybook-concerts,' reading abridged chapters aloud with live performances featuring visual cues like smoke, light, and sound.

In 2018, after relocating to Berlin and drawing inspiration from musical influences like Pink Floyd and David Bowie, Substereo embarked on their third project, "Renaissance." This endeavor expanded the narrative through mediums like stop-motion/animation musical short-films, hand-built puppets, and thousands of watercolor paintings. The corresponding videos were released over two years, complementing the 2019 music release.

After 30 months of intensive work (4000 work-hours), Substereo completed a 26-minute music short film in 2022, narrating the adventure of "Ben The Robot." Accompanied by a book in the form of Ben's diary, this project introduces NFTs to expand its reach into the cryptocurrency world.

In 2023, Substereo unveiled "Perpetua," their fourth studio album, which transcends music into a comic book and motion comic film. Connecting with previous narratives, "Perpetua" explores cosmic journeys, space depths, untangled destinies, and promised adventures. Substereo continues to blend music, narrative, and visual arts, inviting listeners on captivating adventures at the intersection of creativity.

So, buckle up for an exhilarating adventure with Substereo's unique fusion of music, storytelling, and visual arts.

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PERPETUA  Release Date: 08.AUG.2023

SYNOPSIS: "Perpetua" stands as Substereo's fourth studio album, the third in a series of concept works seamlessly blending art-rock synthpop/rock with an accompanying comic book and motion comic film. Each track serves as a chapter, weaving together auditory and visual storytelling.

The narrative begins with a mysterious cloud devastating the planet, leading young Adriel to seek refuge on the space station named "Perpetua." The chaotic evacuation leaves Adriel separated from his family, embarking on a new life. While Perpetua appears idyllic with vast fields, towns, and lakes beneath two suns, it conceals a regimented existence marked by strict rules, curfews, and military training.

As Adriel rises to become a trusted officer within the system, a startling revelation shatters the illusion of utopia. Through the eyes of Ben, the robot character from Substereo's previous albums, Adriel's story intertwines with a larger narrative, rekindling hope for a reunion with his sister back on Earth.

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The album is a pivotal element in a broader creative endeavor, complemented by a comic book and animated comic. This project extends the legacy of the twelve-time award-winning Renaissance Series, directed, filmed, and edited by Substereo's frontman, Chris Angel Walker, and band members. Importantly, the trilogy of the albums 'Nowhereland,' 'Renaissance,' and 'Perpetua' shares a cohesive narrative thread, providing a comprehensive and interconnected storytelling experience.

Album Title: Perpetua
Catalogue nr.: SUB202301
ISRC nr.: DKYG423001 01-12






Film festival award winner
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Nr. 11 on iTunes
iTunes rock chart for Denmark (link)

Debut album release
Produced by Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Kiss, Mötley Crüe)
‘Fuel For The Revolution’ (link)

Most streamed on Danish Radio’s Karrierekanonen (two weeks)
Danish Radio’s unsigned band competition (link)

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    Part 1 - Over & Over (Album: Renaissance - 2019)
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    The Island (Album: Nowhereland - 2016)
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    Echoes of Silver & Gold (Album: Nowhereland - 2016)
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    Breathe you (Album: Fuel For The Revolution - 2013)
  • 08.
    Cry Freedom (Album: Fuel For The Revolution - 2013)

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