Get ready for the Album release!

05 Sep. 2016


Mark your calendars!!! On the 13th of September, our long awaited album will be released digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon etc…!!!

I’m sure you have noticed by watching the teasers we have put out, that this album will be quite different from anything we have made in the past. Not only is the sound of the music different, but also the concept itself is quite unique.
For that reason, we thought it would be a good idea to explain what the idea behind this release is.


So what’s so special about this album you ask? …Well, first of all, it’s not only an album, but also a STORY!
The music on the album and the story in the upcoming illustrated book (release-date yet to be announced) go hand-in-hand! Each song on the album represents a chapter in the book.

Although the book and the music go together, they can both stand on their own. You can listen to the music, without having to read the book, and you can read the book without having to listen to the music, but together, they exist in the same universe and make for a unique experience!
The idea is to immerse you into a world that existed (vividly) in our imaginations as we were creating the material.
The story will read as a short book, yet will be heavily illustrated by our own drawings.

Naturally, being a band FIRST, we found it quite important to release the music on its own before releasing the actual book!
So on the 13th of September, it will be available on worldwide digital release, so that you can get acquainted with the music, without having to rely on the book.
Once the album has settled, we will then release the book, in order to complete the ‘circle’, and give you the whole experience!


Well, in one of our previous news blogs, we wrote a bit about how and why we decided to write a story with an album, so here’s what it’s about.

The story begins in the early 1600’s. Ben, is five years old at the time, and is taken from his father by the infamous Captain Nerva. The Captain of the Silencia, a dreaded Galleon, that exists mostly in myth through the murmurs of the odd spared sailor.

Ben is different somehow. He has a unique ability to dream of things to come. Captain Nerva realizes this, and therefore decides to keep Ben on board the Silencia, to raise him as his own.

Nerva is obsessed with finding an ultimate treasure, called ‘The Light’ and uses Ben’s abilities to come closer to finding it as the days progress. A Treasure so valuable, that no amount of riches could parallel it. Together Ben and the Crew of The Silencia sail from ship to ship, year after year, following a seemingly endless trail, in an attempt to secure it through brutality and fear.

On Ben’s 17th Birthday, he is unwittingly thrust unto a trail that ultimately leads him to his own identity. Clues that draw him towards finding out where he came from, and who he really is.
This ignites a struggle between Nerva and Ben, and ultimately leads to an adventure he could never have imagined. An adventure that could change the fate of mankind, as we know it!

…for the rest, you’ll have to read the book!


So as mentioned, each title on the album shares a name with a chapter in the book.
So, for example, the intro is called ‘Silencia’, which represents the attack of the Silencia on Ben’s father’s ship at the beginning of the Story, ‘High Seas’ represents the second chapter with the same name, where Ben is a young man fighting for Captain Nerva’s obsession of finding ‘The Light’, etc… etc...

At the same time, we want you to get to know the songs first, and invite you to the universe in which our story exists, with your own thoughts and imagination.
The idea isn’t for the songs to literally follow the book, step by step, but rather give you the general ‘mood’ of the chapters, as they develop throughout the album.

We really hope you will enjoy it, and we really look forward to releasing the book at a later time, in order to give you the full package.

Once the complete work has been released, we want to be able to release a physical version that will include a full book, accompanied by a vinyl record in the cover. Now wouldn’t that be cool!? We almost can’t wait!

So remember to keep an eye and an ear out on the 13th of September!!!