12 Jan. 2024

The Album is Out!

As you may recall from our last article, we were in the process of recording our fourth studio album, and now it's finally here! We couldn't be happier with the results. We delved into the realm of 80s synths and embraced synthwave/rock vibes throughout the album's creation. The journey of songwriting, music composition, and creative studio sessions spanned several years, with the last stretch being particularly intense and consuming most of 2023.

While all the recordings took place at home and in our practice room, we collaborated with our former guitarist, Robin Schulte, who skillfully mixed the album. We highly recommend Robin as a mixing engineer. The mastering was entrusted to the incredibly talented Marvin T.

"Perpetua" follows a captivating narrative complemented by a comic book (release date TBD) and a motion comic film. Each track serves as a chapter, seamlessly blending auditory and visual storytelling.

Similar to our previous album and running parallel to the 'Renaissance' storyline, the tale commences with a mysterious cloud devastating the planet. This leads young Adriel to seek refuge on the space station named "Perpetua." The chaotic evacuation separates Adriel from his family, propelling him into a new life. Despite the idyllic appearance of Perpetua, with vast fields, towns, and lakes beneath two suns, it conceals a regimented existence marked by strict rules, curfews, and military training.



'Perpetua' Cover art

Without giving away too much, as Adriel grows and ascends to become a trusted officer within the system, a shocking revelation shatters the illusion of utopia. Through the eyes of Ben, the robot character from Substereo's previous albums, Adriel's story intertwines with a larger narrative, reigniting hope for a reunion with his sister back on Earth.

But let's not spoil it; it's going to rock! We can't wait to perform it live, and speaking of which, we've had a few developments.

Lukas Burchhardt

New Band Line-Up

Since our last blog post, we welcomed a new drummer, Lukas Burchhardt! No, we didn't devour the last drummer; we parted ways amicably due to different career and musical goals. Lukas was introduced to us by our bass player, Batou, who had previously played with him, and the chemistry was instant. We wrote two new songs effortlessly, and we asked Lukas to join the band – he accepted.

New Music Video

In the meantime, we released a video recorded in our practice room. It features the seventh song from our latest album, Perpetua. Give it a view, a like, and maybe even a comment! Your engagement helps combat the algorithm that hates us :-p – rock on! We hope you enjoy it.