New band line-up and new album on the way!

23 Apr. 2023

A new chapter begins for Substereo!

As you know, we've been through many transformations in the past, and this one is no exception.

Our third project, 'Renaisance', was released in March 2022 and we couldn't be happier with the incredible response it received. We began working on it in 2019 with just the music, but it eventually evolved into a full-blown stop-motion short film that won 12 awards, made finalist and semi-finalist several times, and was selected/nominated many more.

Now that this wave has rolled over and settled, we're excited to set sail for new and exciting destinations!

The first transformation of 2022 was that of a new line-up. While Baptiste Watiez stayed onboard as Substereo’s bass player, we welcomed Arturo Peroni as our new guitarist and Andrey Eruslankin as our new drummer.

Arturo is an amazing songwriter and guitarist from Argentina. We met through an online ad and immediately clicked, forming a strong friendship and bond that has been essential for our songwriting process.

Andrey has played in several bands in Russia and Germany. Again, we quickly discovered that we all have very similar interests, musically and beyond, and practicing has been an absolute blast. Andrey definitely brings explosive energy to the table!

Andrey (Drums), Arturo (Guitar)



And now, for the big announcement!

We're almost done with our fourth studio album, and it's going to rock! The album will have 12 songs and will be called 'Perpetua'. Like the two albums before it, it will also be a concept album, with a story that takes place in the same universe as the previous ones and will be connected in some exciting ways.

Like with previous projects, we will be releasing the music first. The final product will be that of a semi-animated film in the form of a comic book. Yes, there will also naturally be an accompanying physical comic book, but the video will show the pages of that comic book in layers that move as the songs and the story progress. We're excited to see how it will be received since we haven't seen anything like this before.

The process for this will be difficult, even more so than that of 'Renaissance'. Luckily, we're not doing this alone. While one of us is doing the basic drawings and animation, the coloring and depth is being done by artist Francie Kujat. We've already got the first few minutes of the film, and we can promise you that it will blow your mind. We still can't believe how good it looks!

But yeah… it will take a while to make. These things always do. Like the albums before it, we're doing almost everything ourselves: songwriting, recording, production, editing, filming, drawing, etc… it's a lot of work but lots of fun!

So stay tuned, because before you know it we will be releasing these songs and project!