The latest news from Substereo

02 Nov. 2017

The latest news from Substereo

If you follow Substereo on Instagram or Facebook, you will have noticed that there are a lot of things brewing for the band.
As you may recall Chris (Vocals) is in Berlin for the time being, while the rest of the band is in Denmark. This means that the band only gets together every few weeks to practice and get practical things done.
It also means that Chris has been hard at work exploring a world of solo performances, open-mic sessions, and busking around Berlin.

Although one would think this to be problematic, it has proven to be quite productive, as it has allowed the band to explore new avenues in getting the music out there. It has also allowed Mads (Guitars) to find time for an independent solo-project, which he is recording in our studio in Copenhagen. The project is sounding great and it’s a great way for the band to explore different creative approaches and production techniques.

Chris performing at Leuchtstoff Berlin



Storybook-concert in Berlin

One of the most exciting things that has happened recently is the latest concert at Noize Fabrik in Berlin, which was arranged by Dario from Ofen Bar Concerts.

This venue is absolutely amazing! It features a closed recording studio right next to an open stage. This allowed the band to perform the newest album ‘Nowhereland’ as it was intended.
The band was in the recording studio (also known as ‘the aquarium’), and the sound was sent through a mixer directly into a wireless headphone system for the audience, which was provided by Ofen Bar Concerts.
Poppy Rose, a singer/songwriter from Oxford, England was on the main stage reading excerpts from the corresponding book in between songs, all while the illustrations were shown on a projector with smoke and sound effects in the room.
It was an incredible and magical experience, and this will absolutely not be the last time!




Berlin band-members

As wonderful as it would be to be able to fly the Copenhagen-based boys to Berlin (Lasse, Kaspar & Mads) every time there was a concert, it would just be too difficult due to their day-jobs.
For this reason, the band has decided to work with Berlin-based musicians in order to be able to play as many concerts as possible.
This doesn’t mean that the band will stop playing as it has been formally known for the last eight years, but that in the future the classic line-up will mostly play in Denmark and shows outside of Denmark where the Danish band-members can get off work.
For all other gigs the Berlin-based Substereo band members will step in.
It’s a bit of a special constellation, but this will allow for more flexibility and for the band to be able to perform even more gigs in more places than ever before!




The Book

The Story of Nowhereland is as good as done, as are the illustrations! The story was told and performed at the latest concert, but the book itself is yet to be released.
The band hopes to release this within the next few months, and will also be looking at releasing a physical version of the album to go with it. And we all know what this will call for, right? …that’s right: RELEASE PARTY!!!!! …one in Copenhagen, and one in Berlin! Can’t wait! More info on that as soon as the release is ready to go!